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Welcome To Silver Tree Bridal

From the simply elegant to the simply dramatic, at SilverTree Jewellery Design we offer wedding jewellery designs that both complement and challenge the traditional to provide you with bridal jewellery that will reflect your individual style…

The SilverTree Jewellery Design Bridal Collection is entirely custom designed and handmade to order – to fit you perfectly. Our service is totally client driven and we are committed to working with you to produce the bridal jewellery you envisage using the colours and materials you choose.

We firmly believe we offer the widest choice of bead colours on the web, so not only can we produce bridal jewellery to perfectly match your wedding’s colour scheme, it is also worth remembering that changing the beads, materials or colours used in one of our standard designs also offers the possibility of a unique, bespoke item of bridal jewellery for your wedding day at an off the peg price.

The jewellery in the collection is suitable for brides, bridesmaids – child or adult – mother of the bride or groom and we even have a collection of accessories for the gentlemen.

Most of the designs have matching pieces, so you can choose a design for yourself then a matching item for your bridesmaids – perhaps in a different colour to coordinate perfectly with your colour scheme.

As well as shortening or lengthening a piece of jewellery, our designs can also usually be adapted and re-scaled – using smaller or larger beads and components – to fit any size.

If you wear a plus size dress and need a necklace longer than the high street can provide or are looking for a bracelet to fit your smallest bridesmaid, then we can probably help – and every item regardless of size will match.

White swarovski crystal pearl

Our wide range of matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings are available in Sterling Silver and (subject to availability) 9ct Gold and Rolled Gold.

Choose from designs made in Swarovski Crystal, Pearls in a wide range of colours and a fabulous choice of precious and semi precious gemstones.

Visit our bead galleries and be dazzled by the colours and choice!

Our collection of bridal tiaras, alice bands, combs, grips/pins and hair slides are offered in gold or silver plate and are finished in the finest Swarovski Crystal, Czech Firepolished cut glass, gemstones and pearls.


Our Latest Styles

  • Welcome To Silver Tree Bridal

    Welcome To Silver Tree Bridal